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Re: [iot-pmc] Candidates for termination

Dear all, 

following up on my previous email, the EMO has proceeded to schedule a termination review for the Eclipse Unide project:

Regarding Paho incubator, given the reason stated by Jens, we will not be scheduling a termination review at the moment. 

Thank you all for your insights and useful feedback.

Maria Teresa Delgado

On Thu, Aug 10, 2023 at 1:08 AM Jens Reimann <jreimann@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was under the impression that the Paho Incubator project is one of those projects which never release and are there to experiment with new stuff. The project metadata actually says:

> A permanent incubator for Paho.
> A permanent incubator is a project that is intended to perpetually remain in the incubation phase. Permanent incubators are an excellent place to innovate, test new ideas, grow functionality that may one day be moved into another project, and develop new committers.
> Permanent incubator projects never have releases; they cannot participate in the annual simultaneous release. Permanent incubators may have builds, and downloads. They conform to the standard incubation branding requirements and are subject to the IP due diligence rules outlined for incubating projects. Permanent incubators do not graduate.

Which seems like an accurate description. So as long as Paho itself is running as a project, I would just leave the incubator as is.

On Tue, Aug 8, 2023 at 12:06 PM Eclipse Management Office EMO via iot-pmc <iot-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear PMC and project team(s),
based on the project activity, last commit and releases, the EMO has identified the following project(s) as candidate(s) for termination:
Any additional information you are able to provide regarding the status of the project(s) will be highly appreciated. Otherwise we'll proceed to schedule a termination review in the upcoming weeks.
Kind regards,
Maria Teresa Delgado

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