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[iot-pmc] Committer Election for Stanislav Trailov on Eclipse hawkBit has started

A committer election for Stanislav Trailov on project Eclipse hawkBit
(iot.hawkbit) was started by Stefan Behl with this criteria:

We hereby nominate Stanislav Trailov for becoming an Eclipse committer on the
Eclipse hawkBit project Stanislav started
his work on the Eclipse hawkBit project mid of 2022 and has been continuously
contributing to the project since then. All of his code contributions can be
found on

Stanislav contributed code to the new User Consent Flow feature
( which facilitates the
implementation of user consent requirements in the scope of software updates
as mandated by many new regulations (e.g. the European Tangible Goods
Directive). Furthermore, he is regularly reviewing pull requests from other
contributors and is actively taking care of the Github issues that have been
opened by the Eclipse hawkbit community.

Going forward, Stanislav wants to become an active member in the Eclipse
hawkBit community and an advocate for Eclipse IoT.

Pull Requests

Features /Functional Enhancements

Add new endpoint for single action

Unify search behavior in Management UI

Expose total groups in rollout json representation in Management API

Management API: Expose forceTime and startAt fields in rollout representation

Bug Fixes

Make attributes layout horizonthal scroll bar visible

Fix software module /distribution set creation based on soft-deleted type

Add validation for deployment groups and rollouts
Fixes Github issue

Fix CANCEL_REJECTED dmf behaviour
Fixes Github issue

It is our pleasure to nominate Stanislav Trailov as a committer on Eclipse

Eclipse hawkBit project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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