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[iot-pmc] Committer Election for Emanuel Palm on Eclipse Arrowhead has started

A committer election for Emanuel Palm on project Eclipse Arrowhead
(iot.arrowhead) was started by Jerker Delsing with this criteria:

Emanuel have been an Eclispe Arrowhead Commuter but left due to new job
commitments. Emanuel is since some time now with the Sinetiq company. Since
Sinetiq is concretely involved in the further development of Eclipse
Arrowhead there is an interest in re-instate Emanuel as a Committer. Thus a
new email identity for Emanuel.

Over all Emanuel is one of the top five contributors to Eclipse Arrowhead.
Examples are: e.g. Kalix library, C library, fundamental documentation

It is my pleasure to nominate [USER] as a committer on Eclipse Arrowhead.

Eclipse Arrowhead project committers can click the election link below to



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