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[iot-pmc] Committer Election for Cyrille Bareau on Eclipse OM2M has started

A committer election for Cyrille Bareau on project Eclipse OM2M (iot.om2m)
was started by Thierry Monteil with this criteria:

Eclipse OM2M has moved to gitlab and initial and new actors would like to
have more activities in eclipse OM2M. This is really a very good
opportunities for our project. Cyrille Bareau from the company Orange would
like to increase his participation to eclipse OM2M project with a status of

All the work of Cyrille on OM2M (see was under the
name “Sébastien Bolle” because Orange  wanted in the past that all
contributions to be gathered under a single name, nevertheless  there are
“signed-off” with Cyrille’s address cyrille.bareau@xxxxxxxxxx.
  Cyrille has done at least 71 commits, 1602 modifications, 63476 additions
and 6015 deletions in the eclipse OM2M project. So, he is one of the top
contributors since the beginning of the project in 2014.

  He has deployed several new features:
-          Management of flexContainer and mgmtObj resources, including
control, persistence & data-mapping.
-          Management of SDT (Smart Device Template) devices, modules &
-          Management of SDT generic IPEs (Interworking Proxy Entities).
-          Management of SDT specific IPEs: Hue, Netatmo, LIFX, Smarter
Coffee, Smarter Kettle, EnOcean, ZigBee…
-          Test applications, mocked devices, etc.
-          Various bug fixes, enhancements, cleanup…
-          Synchronization with oneM2M “official” specifications.
-          And a lot of code for Orange internal use only…

He has also participated to external communication of the project in several
demos at ETSI IoT Week conferences from 2017 to 2022, and at EclipseCon
Europe in 2017.

He is and he will be for the future a very active contributor to eclipse
OM2M. He has started to exchange with the new participant in particular
Sejong University to help them in their on going work on OM2M and their first
merge request.  He has also already started to work on new functionalities
for futur proposal:
-          Generalization of mgmtObj resources.
-          Management of semanticDescriptor resource (control, persistence
and data-mapping), partly based on prior non-deployed work from LAAS.
-          Implementation of SDT-based Device Management with flexNodes, from
new oneM2M specification initiated by Orange.
-          Automated generation of Java code from XSD/XML templates of SDT
resources from oneM2M official git repository.
-          Enhancement of discovery requests, including semantic discovery.

For all those reasons, It is my pleasure to nominate Cyrille Bareau as a
committer on Eclipse OM2M.

Eclipse OM2M project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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