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[iot-pmc] Committer Election for Andrew Rodgers on Eclipse VOLTTRON has started

A committer election for Andrew Rodgers on project Eclipse VOLTTRON
(iot.volttron) was started by Jereme Haack with this criteria:

Andrew Rodgers is one of the early adopters of the platform and his company,
ACE IoT Solutions, is a power user with deployments of VOLTTRON across
numerous customer sites. In addition to his many technical contributions, his
insights and experience has been instrumental in developing the platform. He
is an extremely active community member and ACE has partnered with many other
organizations to help deploy VOLTTRON. Having him as a committer is key to
the success of the Eclipse VOLTTRON project.

Andrew has made the following contributions to the historical version of the

Andrew and his company's utilization and outreach for the platform can be
found here:

A recent highlight is their engagement with a school district in Canada to
deploy VOLTTRON for providing insight into their energy use and enable energy

I am nominating Andrew to recognize these contributions and look forward to
working with him under the Eclipse umbrella.

Eclipse VOLTTRON project committers can click the election link below to



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