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[iot-pmc] [CQ 24168] barecft

--- Comment #24 from Kai Hudalla <kai.hudalla@xxxxxxxx>  2022-09-12 07:29:05 ---
(In reply to comment #23)

> Kai,
> should this be the generated code that would be compiled in a 4diac FORTE
> instance by the user, or the code needed to generate it?

That is actually a good question. Would the generated code be exemplary only,
i.e. will it be different for each user generating it as part of the build, or
would it be the same for all users? If so, then I guess the generated code
would be best. Otherwise, some information regarding the license terms that the
code generated by barcft would be helpful, I guess.

@IP Team: any hints?


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