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[iot-pmc] [CQ 23843] openliberty

--- Comment #17 from Kai Hudalla <kai.hudalla@xxxxxxxx>  2021-12-02 02:23:43 ---
(In reply to comment #15)
> We literally include this particular app server in the RPM for the WebUI. I
> understand it's a large dependency but I hope that the risk is mitigated
> somewhat by being on an established, mature, well vetted EPL licenced project.

The repository seems to contain many, many components which are being built and
possibly distributed as separate artifacts. This is similar to other frameworks
like Spring which consists of dozens of (modular) components which can be used
together or (to a degree) independently from each other. Eclipse projects
making use of Spring therefore usually manage their dependency on Spring based
on the particular artifacts they require and create separate CQs for them. I do
not know if this is a practical approach for Amlen, though. I guess that
depends on the nature of the OpenLiberty components, in particular, if they are
being distributed separately and are indeed useful when used individually.

@IP Team: can you please advise on how to proceed here? I can imagine following
a similar approach like the one we use for JavaScript and/or Go based artifacts
where we include all transitive dependencies in the source archive and check in
one go. WDYT?


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