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[iot-pmc] Eclipse 4diac release 2.0. is available

Dear Friends of 4diac!

The long wait is over 4diac 2.0.0 is finally here!

We've been working on improving your experience with Eclipse 4diac. 

For 4diac IDE, the following major changes were introduced:
    • Improved usabilty and editing efficiency of all editors
    • Introduced monitoring for Structured Datatypes
    • Introduced editing history during undo/redo to quickly find the last editing position
    • Improved layout generation results
    • Improved/introduced input validation, show error messages
    • Introduced error markers to handle broken projects more gracefully
    • Of course, we have also implemented numerous bug fixes.

For 4diac FORTE, we have mostly provided bug fixes and stabilization patches:
    • Gracefully handling full external event queues
    • Fixed issues for compiling on Mac OS
    • Implicit upcasts are allowed for constant inputs at FBs (e.g., WORD#AFFE on a DWORD input)

For details, please consider the release page of our New and Noteworthy Page [1] .

You can get all our packages from our download page [2]. 4diac IDE users can simple check for updates and update to the latest version.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our graduation release. We are looking foward to sharing more documentation on the new features in the upcoming weeks.

The 4diac Team


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