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Re: [incubation] How to "public office hour" for tractus-x

The eclipse foundation has full zoom accounts. I think you ask your PMC for access. 

We (the CDT) project use that for our regular community meetings. 

Other projects do use MS teams, often hosted by one of the projects leads' company.  I think if you make it open and clear where and how to join such a call then the tech doesn’t matter much. 

Key thing is that official decisions, like votes, are communicated on the official dev list of the project. 

Was that your question?


On Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 7:04 AM Kiermayer, Siegfried via incubation <incubation@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi everyone,


I’m part of Tractus-x (automotive) platform team and we are curious on how we can do our office hour in the future in a opensource / open way instead of using ms teams.


I’m aware of the eclipse channel but not more.


Any guidance, best pratcies or examples are welcome 😊





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