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Re: [incubation] Multiple repos for one project


Yes it certainly is possible. Eclipse as a whole has many projects with many repos. The Eclipse platform project has multiple repos.

However I see major trade-offs
- multiple repos is a pain for usage and especially for users
- multiple repos might be faster once they have grown, but I have not seen performance data
- multiple repos may need cross-repo commits.
- changing repo organisation is a pain all round

I really wouldn't recommend using multiple repos until you have demonstrated that they are beneficial for you.

Xtext decided to change to multiple repos with the result that my workspace doesn't work any more and I don't have time to sort out what changed. The platform has multiple repos so that I can never find what I want. (OOMPH provides a repo finder.)

IMHO, multiple repos provides a significant impediment to your casual users.


Ed Willink

On 21/06/2019 11:07, Gabriele Bbaldoni wrote:
Hi guys,

I have a simple question about git repositories,
It is possible to have multiple repos for each component of a single Eclipse project?
I mean in the case the complexity of the project grows I think having different repos for the different modules can help.

It is possible?

Gabriele Baldoni
Technologist — Advanced Technology Office
ADLINK Technology Inc.

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