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[incubation] Moving a project to be a top-level organization on GitHub


I was wondering how many projects have moved to become top-level organizations on GitHub so far?  Also I was wondering if any of these projects could provide some details on the pros / cons of moving? Were there any hidden gotcha's that were only visible once you moved?

The Eclipse OMR project leads have been discussing the possibility of requesting our project be moved into a top-level organization on GitHub. I will be opening a public discussion in the projects dev mailing list and an Issue on GitHub so the discussion can move forward.

It is a known fact that the Eclipse OMR project is one of the heaviest users of the Travis and AppVeyor infrastructure due to the nature of our project. The project consists of ~1million lines of C/C++ code that needs to be compiled and tested for each PR / Push event. *If* OMR moved to a top-level organization on GitHub it may alleviate a lot of the issues other projects are having with getting access to these resources.

Any information from projects that have moved would be greatly appreciated.

Charlie Gracie

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