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Re: [ide-dev] Move EclipseJavaIDE twitter account to Mastodon?

I'm still learning about Mastodon and believe that the centralized search feature of twitter can be important for the @EclipseJavaIDE account; until there is no replacement, it can still make much sense to keep using twitter to react to messages there. But of course, the @EclipseJavaIDE twitter account belongs to all of us, and anyone willing to use it at the service of the Eclipse IDE and its community would be welcome as a contributor. I'll happily share the credentials with any active committer who has motivation to play with social media; just ask!
For my personal usage of social media, I'm happy with mastodon cross-posting to twitter and am already using it as my "master" for short publications; I'll only use twitter to monitor replies or other interactions, until they become rare enough let me logout and stop caring about it (as long as cross-posting works).

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