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Re: [ide-dev] Question about download numbers

This sounds like ground hog day on this thread:

I think the Foundation IT staff would better be able to answer this.

Note though that from here:

using this query:


I get this result:

So that accounts for the installer downloads.

One can also query technology/epp/downloads/release/2022-06/R/  to get the package download total:

The remaining total difference I assume is from stats URLs in features as they're installed, but I don't know how this number is computed. Which features?  In the end, I think some queries are involved just like the ones I showed you but that I can't answer and I'm doubtful anyone on this list can answer that.


On 18.08.2022 10:37, Lars Vogel wrote:

our package downloads are listed as:

 1,458,432 Installer Downloads
 960,022 Package Downloads and Updates

What does that mean? Do we have:

A:  1,458,432 +  960,022 downloads of the IDE ( 1,458,432 via the
installer and 960,022 direkt Downloads)
B: Only 960,022 in total as (1,458,432 -  960,022) user did not install?

Best regards, Lars

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