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Re: [ide-dev] Strange download numbers

Why should we expect more installer downloads than real installations?

Are the installations done with the installer not counted as installations?

For example has more installs as installer downloads.

If users download the installer but do not install I think that is unexpected.

Best regards, Lars

Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb am Mi., 13. Apr. 2022, 15:14:
I'm not sure why you think that's weird or unexpected.  It's generally
always been that way:

Why would you not expect that?

On 13.04.2022 12:38, Lars Vogel wrote:
> Hi,
> Eclipse download numbers seem weird. More installer downloads than
> installs and updates.
>   933,607 Installer Downloads
>   904,269 Package Downloads and Updates
> Is this expected or shall we open a ticket for the foundation to check?
> Best regards, Lars
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