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[ide-dev] Highlights for 2021-12 landing page

Hi all,
The Eclipse IDE landing page highlights some of the features of the release. Please see landing pages for the past releases - and for examples.
Similar to the previous releases, I would like to gather inputs from the team of  features that can be highlighted on the page for 2021-12 release.
The contents I  have got so far are
  1. 1)   Latest Java and JUnit support - Supports Java 17 and JUnit 5.8 and provides the necessary tooling for development.
      2)   Improved Java Development Tooling - Quick fix and clean up added and support JUnits test that are records.
      3)   Improved Platform  - New launch configuration view, multi-text selection and improved theme and styling.
Please provide your inputs/suggestions by Monday (22 Nov) .
Thanks and Regards

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