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Re: [ide-dev] Opportunity to promote Eclipse IDE commiters sponsoring via @EclipseJavaIDE

Hi fellow Committers!

[Note: this is a 2nd iteration, for the 2020-09 to 2020-12 period]

If you're seeking sponsorship via a service such as GitHub Sponsors or Patreon, and would like your page to be promoted on the @EclipseJavaIDE twitter account, we may be able to help. If you are interested and fulfill the following criteria:
  1. You are currently an active committer on an Eclipse project that’s included in an EPP package, or is part of the essential tool chain to produce an EPP package.
  2. You have a sponsoring page clearly identifying the Eclipse projects that you support.
Then please contact us before end of June with the following details:
  1. Your full name.
  2. The link to your sponsoring page.
  3. The names of the projects on which you’re actively participating as a committer, including links to that demonstrate your recent (less than 3 months old) commit or review activities.
We will tweet about the sponsoring opportunity via @EclipseJavaIDE and schedule the tweets to be published once per week starting from early October, i.e., ~2 weeks after the 2020-09 release, by alphabetical order base on the first name, with a maximum of 8 tweets for this 2nd campaign. To avoid collision with communications about the 2020-09 and 2020-12 releases, we will leave ~2 weeks before and ~2 weeks after the release without promoting sponsorship.
Should we receive too many requests, we will prioritize the ones working on projects that are part of “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” or “Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java developers” as these best match the interests of the target audience.
If this receives enough interest (3 committers at least), we will iterate and adapt for a 3rd campaign after 2020-12 based on the results of this 2nd campaign.


Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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