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Re: [ide-dev] IDE download numbers

Hi Mickael,


Thank you for those numbers!


One addition to the 2018-09 numbers: The Eclipse Installer got an update release on 2018-11-09, which reset its download counter, so you’re missing 1,853,035 downloads for the old installer in that release according to the committer stats page. The committer stats differ a bit from what the release pages report, but for 2018-09 I get a total count of 4,780,735 for the first 90 days (~53,000/day) and a sum total of 4,971,775 until today.


(Also, the committer stats for 2018-12 are slightly lower than the website numbers for some reason, with a total of 3,984,170, or 44,250/day)






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Hi all,


Since some people like to tell on Twitter that no-one uses Eclipse IDE or similar "alternative facts", I've measured the number of downloads of the last releases to counter some mis-impressions.

I simply get to the page and sum the number that we can read for all installer and packages of each release:

* 2018-09: 3130837 total installs (~34000/day for 3 months)

* 2018-12: 4233125 total installs (~47000/day for 3 months)

* 2019-03: 278384 total installs (~55000/day for 5 days)


The trends is clearly positive.

It's also worth noting that the numbers we see are consistent with the number we used to see before the move to quarterly release. So there seems to be no major loss in moving to quarterly release, and the user community seems to accept them very well.

It also seems to comfort an impression we can see from other external surveys that Eclipse IDE seems to not be loosing users anymore. That's a good thing that I think we can mostly attribute to good work profiting to end-users and developing enhancement that are very relevant to them.




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