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[ide-dev] ZT 2017 survey vs Snyk 2018 survey: Eclipse IDE +18%

Hi all,

Some good news from questionable surveys (statistically speaking at least) and what can be perceived as its continuation (as it was done and promoted by the same person with the same network but in another company)

Eclipse IDE: +15%
Apache NetBeans: -2%
IntelliJ: -9%

Let's hope this optimistic numbers are realistic enough to ensure we're on a good trend.

FYI, on the topic of numbers, our team at Red Hat is currently working on building some good download stats relying on and -more importantly- trends from installer and packages downloads. We hope we'll be able to share results with you in a few months (it takes time to ensure we measure the right thing and we started a few days ago).


Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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