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[ide-dev] Anybody interested in writing an article for JAX Magasine?

The editors have reached out to us. Is anybody interested in contributing an article?

  • Tips & tricks behind the IDE. What should a newbie know? What might a seasoned veteran have missed?
  • Any projects using IDEs that you’re working on: what should developers know about it?
  • IDE use cases
  • Why should developers use IDEs? How can they make developers’ lives easier? (Or, what are the new frustrations a developer can look forward to?)
  • The future of IDEs: Any news or rumors? Where will IDEs be in a year? Three years? (...Three hundred years?)
  • What is exciting and new? What is old but doesn’t get enough recognition? 
  • IDE stories or history: Are they any personal tales about IDEs you wish to tell? 
2-3 pages only.

The deadline for submitting is May 16.

Any takers?

Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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