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Re: [ide-dev] [] Security flaw in ADT is somehow presented as a flaw in Eclipse IDE

On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 10:10 AM, Max Rydahl Andersen
<manderse@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> See
>> This piece of news is spreading very fast on social media. As far as I
>> understand (and I may be wrong), the security flaw mentioned here isn't in
>> Eclipse IDE itself but in ADT or some other piece of Android SDK.
>> So basically, Eclipse IDE has once again its image hurt by an issue in
>> ADT...
> All IDE's was hurt. lets not make it more bleak than it is - also be aware
> this
> issue of xml external entity leaks are not new; its been known for years to
> be
> an issue if your xml parsing don't guard itself against relative paths.
> Now it seems android toolkit is affected by it too.
>> If this happens to be the case, it would be interesting to have the
>> Eclipse
>> Foundation sending a PR to explain that Eclipse IDE itself is fine, and is
>> open for extensions, and that security flaws in extensions are only the
>> responsibility of extension providers; and warn against this kind of
>> message which tends to blame the wrong layer.
> I'm sorry but the news seem to be all balanced on this - they state it is
> affected all major IDE's (which is true) and it needs fixing. Article states
> it has been fixed, but do we know if Eclipse ADT has been fixed ?
> On marketplace its listed as having no updates since 20160-11-07
> (
> Question is now if like happened with Eclipse Class Decompiler - if Eclipse
> should
> remove ADT from marketplace ? See

If there is no one to update ADT - it must be removed, I don't see other path.

> /max
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Alexander Kurtakov
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