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Re: [ide-dev] Photon IDE, by Eclipse

Hi again,

(You really thought I gave up on this one? :P)
Branding has been an important and interesting topic when chatting at EclipseCon Europe. Surprisingly, I've (finally!) received some positive feedback on this idea of renaming the EPP packages to Photon, and it seems like some people who were strongly against it seem open to re-discuss the idea.
To make things more real, and let you figure out what this proposal changes -and doesn't change- for end-users, I've created a Gerrit patch that takes care of renaming EPP packages from "Eclipse" to "Eclipse Photon IDE": . You can try the result at .
Please give it a try, take the time to evaluate the issues it can cause to users, and what can be the opportunities and simplification that it can bring to the IDE, the end-users and the community of project just by adding a "first name" to the IDE; and then share your positive and/or negative feedback.
To be clear, the proposal would be to lock the Photon name, call it "Eclipse Photon IDE" forever or at least until the name becomes an issue, and let it have growing versions, whose scheme (4.8/4.9, 2018.6/2018.9...) should remain a different topic which moreover depends a lot on the final decision of the Planning Council regarding release cadence. So let's focus on the name and avoid brainstorming on the versions.

For the technical details, let's use the Gerrit patch and to keep the thread here focusing on the "functional" value/risk of this proposal.


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