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Re: [ide-dev] Further strong progress of @EclipseJavaIDE for May

Hi Lars,

It makes me happy to hear that users are excited about it. We have many great features in Eclipse which are or were very under-appreciated and I can't hide that I am proud of making these known to the users. Years of efforts by committers and contributors like you, me and many others in this list went totally unnoticed by the users because they needed someone to show them.

You personally could make a difference through retweets as much as you see acceptable for your own account. There is one and only one action which makes a difference and that is retweets. The more we have of those, the faster we grow and the deeper we go in the tree of our user base. Eclipse Foundation marketing people have helped a lot in this sense by retweeting my tweets on demand and I thank them for that.

Now I am fully aware that Twitter is just one channel and just one 'room' of our user base. There is a huge percentage of users who we will never reach through Twitter. However for now I'm focusing on that to also test my content creation and pushing strategy. It seems it is working. When I get a bit more time to spend on this I will extend it to other channels.

In this context, a Tip of the Day functionality will attempt to be a blanket approach to all users and I aim for us to have that for Photon. The most difficult part - the content - is there. I'm doing some experimentation as I want to plan the whole experience before writing any code. That is because in my humble opinion, these things need to have a delicate balance between "Oh crap yet another Tip of the day dialog" and "Oh this is actually interesting and could help with my productivity". This is the reason why I'm also slowly testing longer-duration tweets and will make a decision soon.

Thanks for the appreciation and best regards,

On Tue, Jun 13, 2017 at 6:37 PM, Lars Vogel <lars.vogel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Sopot,

Thanks for this great work.

Today I talked to a super excited user, he told me that he learns a lot from the tweets.

I think it is great that you plan to work on a "tip of the day" functionality for the IDE. This way every interested Eclipse user will be able to benefit.

Best regards, Lars

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