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Re: [ide-dev] Integration of LSP4E, Textmate and PHP Language Server

On 01/20/2017 01:20 PM, Michal Niewrzal wrote:

Hi All,

Some time ago with Kaloyan Raev we created small project to show potential of language server protocol in Eclipse. Project integrates LSP4E, Textmate (syntax coloring) and PHP Language Server (written in PHP). No Java code related to PHP intellisense. More details you can find on project page and there is also available tweet with demo that shows main functionalities. I hope you will like it.

LSP4E-PHP: https://github.com/eclipselabs/lsp4e-php

Tweet with demo: https://twitter.com/MNiewrzal/status/822365975345446912

Thanks Michal,
That inspired me to write a similar demo for C# (using OmniSharp). See https://github.com/mickaelistria/aCute


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