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[ide-dev] Fixing the Target platform editor

Hi all,

OK, so we all know the target platform editor is a piece of s@*! that we have all learnt to workaround but is a big gaping chasm for new users, so much so at the ECE hackathon we have to start off by warning everyone about it...Â

So today I saw the tweet from Sopot about a new target platform file text editor[1]. So it's great someone is looking to solve this, but I wanted to question whether it is more worthwhile pursuing integrating the TPD editor into Eclipse? The TPD editor AFAIK is the solution that has been mostly widely adopted to solve target issues.Â

Otherwise we end up with yet-another-target editor, I'm counting 4 so far:
1. old horrible buggy one
2. TPD editor
3. one in Ooomph
4. new one to come from RedHat

Maybe others have already been through this loop [2], but I'm wondering if this is something that needs widescale community co-ordination rather than a new technical solution?