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Re: [ide-dev] Prominence of the Eclipse IDE dowlnoad button in the download page

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> From: Sopot Cela <scela@xxxxxxxxxx>
> The "Download Eclipse Technology that is right for you" banner area is
> largely unused or not well used. By 'well' I mean serving the purposes of
> showing off our Eclipse IDE.

+1, this page has to be re-designed.

Even without the September campaign, it's hard to understand what you
can download.

I want to add:

Until a few months ago, the average Eclipse user went to the download
page to choose which package to download. Here you can see how it
looked the page until March 2016:
( or check

Now, to my eyes, it is unclear how I can quickly download Eclipse
packages. Can you easily spot the "packages" link, that I highlighted
in this image?

I propose small changes for a better impact:
- Replace "Choose the right technology" with a new "Downloads" banner,
that with images + links + tooltips will point to the packages.
- show the number of downloads

This image shows the idea:

IMHO, the proposed design is better for:
- less wasted space,
- Users searching for packages will find them easily (*)
- Showing we have million of downloads would help the "network effect"
when a user is considering whether to choose Eclipse.

(* to me, having many packages is a strong point for Eclipse, but in
any case, we have million of downloaders who are used to downloads the
packages from that page, we shouldn't just fail them).

Kind Regards,

Patrik Suzzi
Software Engineer, Eclipse
Platform UI Committer

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