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Re: [ide-dev] VS Code

On 9/13/2016 4:06 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
As the Java language server grows and serves VS Code, I wonder how good of a Java IDE it could become. I am also starting to wonder that about C++ with either a CDT based language server or something built on Clang (which I believe they have already). I can certainly see how project-less workspaces are desirable to C/C++ devs. We’ve been fighting the Eclipse project paradigm since the beginning.
    Project-less workspace is the way to go for all projects. At at time where Java did not had build tools to structure things, Eclipse concept of project made sense. Now that every language and ecosystem comes with a build tool, the concept of project a-la Eclipse is becoming an annoyance.

It seems though that VS Code is very reluctant to introduce anything resembling forms, or even widgets. Everything seems to be text based, even their Preferences settings brings you to a JSON editor. I think it’s kind of ridiculous, especially for new users.
    This is a strategy that makes sense for a number of reason:
    - It allows to tool a language / fwk faster
    - You don't have to play catch up with the tool as options are being added, removed, etc.
    - Guard you from knowledge gap / leaky abstractions. The typical case would be you change something in the fancy UI, then something fail in a strange way, you go to stackoverflow to discover there is a file you did not know and don't know how to edit (worst to find that your tool is busting the file)

this is about, the user can find a

It’ll be interesting to hear Erich Gamma’s keynote at ECE. If they stay with their current approach, I think Eclipse will keep miles ahead. At the same time I fear if they try to be more like Eclipse, they’ll fall into the same traps we’ve fallen into. Erich’s a driving force behind both, be interesting to see where it goes.


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