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[ide-dev] UX Guidelines Working Group

Hey gang,

I’m really loving the enthusiastic discussions we’re having about the Eclipse IDE user experience. After a good discussion with the Architecture Council, we’ve decided to harness that energy and create a committee of the Council to update the Eclipse UI Guidelines. This is more than a modernization of what we have in our current guidelines. We’ll be expanding it to encompass the Eclipse IDE user experience. It’s one thing to look like a good modern desktop application, but what users really want is something that works well, is intuitive, and doesn’t get in the way of accomplishing the tasks they are working so hard to complete.

While the Architecture Council owns this activity, the Architecture Council is really representative of the community as a whole. To make sure we get a broad range of opinions and experience contributing to this effort, we’ve created an open mailing list to have those discussions and drive the decisions on what will go into the UX Guidelines. Please feel free to bring discussions that can feed into the guidelines that are currently happing on ide-dev and platform-ui-dev and anywhere else for that matter to this mailing list.

For the record, the current IU guidelines are here. Dani has started working towards finding a way to at least update the screenshots so they look like today’s IDE.

I’ll be monitoring the mailing list, asking questions, and trying to see if we can reach consensus towards the new Guidelines. I’m especially interested in feedback from users who have hardened battleground experience. These are the people we’re building the IDE for and as much as we think we’re representing their interests, at least getting validation from them to help us through this process will be invaluable.

I can’t wait to see what we come up with. Some of it may be large, and lets not prevent that from being on the table. At least we’ll have a vision and can work on a roadmap to get there once we know where we want to go.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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