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Re: [ide-dev] Benefits of integration with code server and new generic editor for average Eclipse user

On 06/30/2016 01:04 PM, Serhiy wrote:
For example, even now after more
that 2 years after Java 8 was officially released (not counting time it was in developement) Eclipse content assist functionality
still has no support for lambda expression completions.

I agree that there are problems, but I don't see why you say "no support". Which bug # ?

Other example is that is developed outside of Eclipse.

Why do you say "outside"? has been going on right here for some months and is currently targeted to go into JDT/Core master within 4.7M1.

The power of the Eclipse community is not a fixed pool of resources that can be allocated to tasks by management. If that were the fact, I would be worried similarly as you, but investing efforts in on place does not necessarily and directly pull resources off another task.


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