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[ide-dev] Summarizing the Automated Error Reporting Efforts for Eclipse Mars

Greetings Eclipse Committers,

Neon.0 is complete and I’m assembling a few statistics for the upcoming webinar about "What’s new in Automated Error Reporting for Neon" (link below). I found some of these numbers quite interesting and want to share them with you.

For the past releases (Mars.0 - Mars.2) 350,000 users sent 3,000,000 error reports to

These error reports were grouped into ~25,000 distinct „bins“ (= problems).

Looking back and crunching the numbers we got, I’m happy to report that:
  1. 7,800 of the problems reported for Mars.0 and Mars.1 did not appear again for Mars.2. With some fuzziness, I’d declare them as FIXED in Mars.2.
  2. 107,927 reporters (31%) got at least one of their reported problems fixed.
  3. In total 164,640 reporters (47%) got at least one of their reported problems triaged by a committer - even if the outcome was „not a bug“.

Personally I think these are really great numbers that demonstrate which great work Eclipse Committers did for Mars.

I feel qualified as representative of the Eclipse community to send a big „THANK YOU“  for caring so deeply about the quality of the Eclipse IDE.


I’d like to use that moment and kindly ask you how satisfied you have been with the automated error reporting service in Eclipse. If you have and feedback, I’d appreciate your feedback here:

If you haven’t seen the AERI web interface for while, you may have a look before providing feedback:


In case you haven’t used AERI for while or would like to use AERI in your own Eclipse plug-in or Eclipse RCP app, consider stopping by the Webinar on June 24, 9 AM EST. Read more about the Webinar here:

Again, thank you and cheers,


- Project lead of the Automated Error Reporting Initiative for Eclipse Mars.

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