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[ide-dev] A stack trace search engine to search exceptions occurring when developing Eclipse plug-ins?

Hi ide-dev,

I’m seeking your comments on an idea I’ve been thinking about a long time. 

During development we (developers) often face the very same problems. For instance, we get a NullPointerException because we forgot to call „MyWizardPage.setControl(Control)“ - or a certain Eclipse product cannot be launched because of a missing bundle in the product launch configuration...

I wonder whether we could build a stack trace search engine that allows developers to share exceptions they hit (while programming in Eclipse) with the Eclipse Community and also share comments on how to solve this problem. You may think of it like StackOverflow but just for exceptions that occur in your runtime IDE while you execute your programs.

I’ve drafted a UI that illustrates the concept. See the screenshots below:

The public accessible AERI interface got a new stack trace search field where users can paste their stack trace:

Clicking on „Go“ takes you to a list of  search results showing problems that are quite similar to the exception you pasted in:

A click on the link then takes you to the details page where you can leave your comments:

This ui will later one certainly more look like the stack overflow ui but I think you get the idea.

What do you think? Would something like this make sense for Eclipse - maybe just for Eclipse Runtime exceptions in the beginning?


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