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[ide-dev] Multiple workspace files for the same filesystem location.

[Cross-posting to ide-dev]

So as you know, one can have multiple workspace files that have the same filesystem location. (if they are under linked folders, nested projects, etc.)

So far so good, but the thing is, if you open those files, they will be backed by different text buffers. This is somewhat problematic for on-the-fly auto-save, but even without auto-save it is at the very least a confusing behavior: a user can edit both files at once, save one, and when you switch to the other one you have a dialog saying "the underlying file has been changed, do you want to reload the file or not", etc.

I can't think of a situation where the user would want different buffers for the same filesystem file. It seems to me it makes more sense to use the same buffer (similar to opening multiple editors on the same workspace file). I would be up for making a contribution to change this behavior, however there are explicit tests in org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.tests that test for the current behavior and expect the status quo. So I'm wondering if this is actually a requirement for someone, or just a legacy of the past?

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