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Re: [ide-dev] Some Java dev stories where Eclipse > IDEA

On 27 Jan 2016, at 12:14, Mickael Istria wrote:

On 01/26/2016 09:20 PM, Lars Vogel wrote:

The different classpath scopes in Android Gradle (main/test/androidTest) may be a challenge I think the only practical solution is to put all of the dependencies into the JDT classpath.

That's one of the topics I'm regularly brainstorming about. And I believe this can be supported "enough" without changing JDT. Here are a couple of proposals for m2e, that I believe can be a way forward a better handling of "classpath scopes" in Java projects:
I would highly welcome some other opinions about those 2 proposals, and whether those apply to BuildShip as well. But it actually seems to me that just adding the "scope" logic to m2e or BuildShip might even be a better solution than tweaking JDT. Then, if some factorization seem possible (such as metadata to store source folder<->scope<->classpath container) then we can probably come with a proposal for JDT.

I do not see how any of those make it better than tweaking JDT.

What you write above is what BS/m2e need to do once JDT allows it.

Sure, it would make sense to me that the BS/m2e class path container would take as argument/path what scope it is so I could add scoped class path containers to Eclipse launch configurations; but if JDT won't honor them when compiling test vs source folders they have extremely limited value afaics.


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