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Re: [ide-dev] A "releases/latest" URL in the IDE to ease upgrades?

On 12/04/2015 02:23 PM, Ed Willink wrote:
I do not find the P2 remediation helpful. It takes forever, even when the problem is just 'already installed' (Bug exists).
Whenever P2 gives me an error, I cancel immediately since for me the fall-back bad dependency trace contains an accurate albeit obfuscated description of the problem. In comparison when I have left it to the remediation, the remediation has, I think, never been helpful to me. I've even raised a bug because I couldn't understnad waht was on offer.
Sorry but that's the way it is, and I don't think we can offer it to users.
This is your opinion, but I saw directly several users managing a complex install thanks to it. So despite you don't understand it, it remains helpful for many.

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