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[ide-dev] News about Android Studio

Android Studio recently released a new version. This good video covers some nice features . Nothing very new, no big uber-powerful feature changing the game. This video is also a good opportunity to see the completion, quick-fixes and templates of IDEA in action. The features I find the most interesting are all already logged in Bugzilla and were already discussed there, so I won't get into details.
There performance tools seem very good. It's IMO something we're missing in Eclipse IDE since TPTP was abandonned. As far as I remember, none of the main Eclipse IDE packages provide a way to profile or monitor applications under development easily. That's a major missing feature compared to Android Studio. However, it simply seems like it's not one our community wishes to invest into, probably because it's still not a top-priority in most end-users projects.
However, my lack of general experience with Gradle nor C++ make me unable to evaluate what's good/bad in Android Studio compared to Eclipse BuildShip or CDT.

For Android, it's interesting how they answer to the 1st question, ie most of the tools about Android development will move only to the IDE. It seems to mean that the SDK and IDE are going to be merged at some point, and that the IDE will be the single entry-point for development. That means that it's a lot of thing to duplicate in Eclipse IDE if most other tools are going to be dropped.
Another interesting one is about sharing project settings, for the project specific configuration such as the "structural replace". It's actually an important question when you add into the IDE some checks that are not possible to "externalize" in the build or in independent tools. They do encourage to share the project specific files, like we usually do for Eclipse IDE:
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