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Re: [ide-dev] Implicit editor saving and Auto Building in Eclipse

On 11/12/2015 10:35 AM, Jan Koehnlein wrote:
I don’t want to be a spoiler, but note that IDEA can do auto-save because it does not auto-build. Instead the compilation only takes place if you explicitly trigger it, e.g. by trying to run the application. You don’t see any compile errors in affected files that you haven’t touched in the same session immediately as in Eclipse due to its auto-build. 

If you auto-save and auto-build, it is likely you have to synchronize the two and get UI stalls or get ugly race conditions. Given that I still see modal dialogs in Eclipse from time to time telling me that I have to wait for the build until I can go on editing my files I doubt whether the entire auto-save in Eclipse thing is a good idea. 

But I’d be happy to be convinced of the opposite.

This issue was also highlighted in another thread while discussing about interaction between auto-save and debug: and many answers to this thread.
But you're right, the issue isn't about debugging, it's about auto-build in general. So a simple solution may just be that when enabling auto-save or build automatically, a check should be done and in case of conflicting value, user should be shown a pop-up asking them to make a choice. A couple of preference listeners might be sufficient. WDYT?
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