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[ide-dev] FEEP Draft Discussion


I've just reviewed the draft document [1] on the new Friends-Enabled Eclipse IDE/Platform Enhancements Program (FEEP).

I have one comment on the following part.

============ QUOTE BEGIN ============
1. Collect Input on Priorities
The FEEP-PM will gather input from interested parties, including:
* Respective PMC’s
* Member corporations that have donated funds with specific requests for development.
* The Eclipse Management Organization (EMO), which includes
    * Architecture Council
    * Planning Council
    * Foundation staff
============ QUOTE END ============

IMHO, we miss here an important interested party to solicit input from - the Friends of Eclipse. If the Friends are the backbone for funding this program then they should have an opinion about the priorities too. This way, we may attract more Friends in future, if they see that their opinion is taken into account, and that the contributions they make come back as improvements that make sense to them.

It may be challenging the collect the input from thousands (hopefully!) Friends of Eclipse, but I believe there is a pragmatic way to do it, e.g. using surveys.



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