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[ide-dev] [ann] Eclipse Project News Feeds available

Hi ide-dev,

a few months ago we discussed how to enable projects to get in touch with their users more directly and let them know about new versions or other important updates. At the time we concluded that an extension point where projects can register their project RSS feed which then would be displayed inside Eclipse would likely be a good idea.

By this email I’d like to introduce you to the 'Eclipse Project News Reader' which was developed by Pawel Nowak as part of his GSOC and mentored by Johannes Dorn. The plugin offers a simple and easy-to-use way to display news (as RSS feeds) inside the Eclipse IDE. FWIW, it does not compete with full featured RSS readers like RSS Owl.

A few highlight the news plugin has to offer:
* an extension point to allow Eclipse (and any 3rd-party) plugins to contribute RSS feeds
* a toolbar contribution indicating whether unread news are available
* simple means to view the content of an RSS feed and navigate to the article via popup menus

Please see the screenshots below for details.

By this email I'd like to ask you to try it out and provide feedback. The plugin is currently developed as part of Code Recommenders but on the long run, we’d like to move it to EPP or somewhere else. The ultimate goal would be make this feature part of all EPP packages - but this depends on your feedback.

The plugin is ready for testing and can be installed from the Code Recommenders Milestones update site [1].

Please let me know what you think 
— Marcel.

Toolbar contribution (bottom right). A button that shining orange when unread articles are available, grey otherwise. On click, a menu pops up showing the contents of each feed in more detail (what’s there, published when, read, unread...)

Notification popup: If the user whishes, he can get notified via Mylyn notification popups when new articles are available:

The preference page offers means to enable, disable and add own rss feeds:

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