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[ide-dev] Noteworthy Error Reporting Updates for M7

Greetings cross-projects,

for M7 we made several noteworthy changes I’d like to introduce briefly.

1. Introduction of known errors database.
Starting with M7, the error reporter will download a zipped "known errors” database on startup. Based on this database, the error reporter will ignore all errors that were reported by more than 50 users before. This restriction should protect users from annoying popups and from too much traffic.

2. Special Notifications for Bugs marked with Needinfo.
Before M7 users had to provide comments for their a error reports without knowing whether it is actually a bug or not. With the downloadable error database introduced in M7 and before opening a popup notification, the error reporter checks every logged error whether it is tracked in Bugzilla and was marked with the bugzilla keyword ‘needinfo’. If a user hits such a problem, the user get’s notified via a Mylyn notification as shown below pointing him to the bug report. Committers can specify a message using the bug’s whiteboard field - OR - using the reporters web ui (see problem triage pages for details).

3. Special notifications for already fixed issues
Almost as important as requesting more information is letting a user know that the issue he hit was already fixed. This information is part of the downloadable error database and created from the bugzilla resolution status. If a user hits a problem linked with a bug that was marked as fixed, he will get notified by popups like the one below. The message can be customized via the bug’s whiteboard field or in the web ui of the error reporter.

4. Ignore log messages which are not bugs
Not every issue is a bug. Committers can mark every problem report as log message or mute it via the reporter’s web ui. Alternatively you can mark the associated bug report as invalid. Every such problem will be ignored by the error reporting client; user notifications will be skipped.

5. Specify Workarounds for log messages:
If a logged error is more a log message or a ‘user problem’, you can let the user know how to get rid of it in the future. Simply provide a ‘workaround’ in the web ui which then will be presented as notification (similar to fixed bugs).

I hope these changes will make the introduction of the error reporter a smooth experience for Mars users. Since M7 is the last milestone, I kindly ask you to report every issue you may find in the client to bugzilla [1]. The error reporter does not create error log entries and thus I need you manual assistance :-)

In case you have ideas for future improvements, I’d be glad to hear from you as well. Simply create a bug report at [1].


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