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Re: [ide-dev] Interesting way of laying out editor tabs

Hi Doug,

here are a few features to organize open editors that I have
seen in my journey to find an IDE for web development:

- Sublime has feature that I like a lot:
  - single click on a file opens it in a shared tab
  - double click 'pins' the tab.
  - editing a file 'pins' the tab.

  That way it is quite easy to control the files you are working on.

  I think, this is the behavior that VS Code has implemented
  to add the files to the 'working files' list.

- IntelliJ has a feature context menu entry in the editor tab:
  'Close unmodified'. Where unmodified means unmodified with respect
  to the CM system.

- Mylyn offers a similar feature by 'focusing' on the files
  that you have opened. But unlike VS Code, it is not ordered
  by access.
  - Context is associated with task
  - switching tasks switches the context
  - the elements in the context appear in the hierarchy
    where they 'belong to'

My ideal IDE would have a combination of all the mechanisms mentioned

- single click opens a view without pinning
  (also during debugging files should not be pinned)
- editing or double clicking a file pins it
   - there should be a shortcut to pin a file during debugging
- show a list of 'working files'
- filter the file explorer (and other UI elements)
  the way mylyn does it in task focused developed
- associate the context with tasks
- close unmodified files

I must say, that the task focused UI of mylyn is the eclipse
feature that miss the most, when using other IDEs/editors....


On 2015-05-01 21:39, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Hey gang,

I’ve been playing with VS Code for a little bit. It’s really basic at the moment. But one feature that caught my eye is how it organizes the list of open editors. It doesn’t use tabs like a lot of IDEs do. Instead, it keeps a list of open
editors in the “Project Explorer” equivalent, as the top element of the tree.

Now I often have 10+ editors open at a time and it’s a nightmare to manage them with the tabs. You can never find the editor you want, even once the MRU battle concluded, it’s still too hard.

I might give this a try once Mars is done and maybe create an Opened Editors view that can be placed just above the Project/Package Explorer to see how well this works. Has anyone seen a plug-in that does that already?


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