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Re: [ide-dev] Using marketplace favorites as an IDE definition vs Oomph

Le 27/01/2015 21:56, Sebastian Zarnekow a écrit :
The pitfall I see with Eclipse Oomph compared to asking MarketPlace favorites, is that someone (most likely the user or a project documentation) needs to define an oomph configuration to setup an IDE. With the "ask Marketplace" approach, it doesn't introduce a new necessary definition step, it's just a matter of marking some features as favorite.
I'm not very familiar with Oomph, but it seems to me that it tends to have one IDE for each project/use-case. Is it able to provision stuff inside a given existing IDE? If so, we could think of Marketplace also storing Oomph config files for a given user. But I'm not sure it's actually simpler than asking Marketplace.
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