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Re: [ide-dev] "Improved" settings for Eclipse - Creating a testground

Great work Lars and thank you!

Am 04.12.2014 um 10:25 schrieb Lars Vogel:
> As a test ground I created saneclipse for "improved" settings in the
> Eclipse IDE:
> "Improved" in quotation marks as these settings are typically
> controversial. For example I reduced the code completion time in JDT
> because several of my customers complained about the slow responsiveness
> in JDT compared to IntelliJ (which has no delay in code completion while
> we have 200ms).
> The idea behind this project is to try out certain things without a huge
> risk for Eclipse and in case some of them work out well, we might want
> to try to change the setting in the Eclipse preferences.
> Best regards, Lars

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