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Re: [ide-dev] Yet another article advising to leave Eclispe

On 2014-10-15 16:16, John Arthorne wrote:
I thought it was fairly balanced overall, listing pros and cons of each IDE.
> Does anyone know what the 'random NullPointerException/IllegalArgumentException
> exception alerts. " is all about?

On this thread, there has been a discussion about exceptions that are
happening in the background and logged. That is bad but it usually
does not add to the perceived quality of the IDE. What really gets
annoying is when a modal dialog pops up telling me that he parser for
language X had a NullPointerException. And it gets *very* annoying
when such a dialog pops up again and again. Those dialogs really
damage the reputation of eclipse, independent of which plugin is
actually responsible for the error.

I think there should be a policy to *not* show modal error dialogs
unless it is really fatal, like data is lost or the application runs
out of memory.

It's not about the actual quality -- it is about the perceived quality
of a product. I have no idea how many exceptions happen in the
background when I use intellij, because it does not tell me. Therefore
I have the feeling it has a much better quality.


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