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Re: [ide-dev] Very interesting troll about Eclipse on French forum "Developpez"

On 17 Jul 2014, at 9:22, Mickael Istria wrote:

For those who read French, here are a couple of quite interesting disussions/trolls about Eclipse IDE on popular French forum Developpez: * reports the Eclipse satisfaction survey organised by Ian. Some other complain about the look and feel, some complain about absence of Dark Theme (that is resolved), some complain about the fact that Eclipse is too intrusive in their project and tends to make projects less portable, some complain it's slow... But more than half of people say they are happy with Eclipse, and give good arguments in favor of Eclipse. What's surprising here is that something like 1/4 of comments seem to be made by C or C++ developers, who seem pretty happy by the features (although find it too slow). * announces release of Luna and turned into ab big troll about Maven support in Eclipse compared to NetBeans. This discussion succeeded to raise a few interesting points that have been reported to m2e.

which ones ? didn't see them mentioned on the thread?


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