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Re: [ide-dev] Getting feedback on IDE

Is the audience different?

Perhaps the nature of the questions--being far more technical and directly related to the user's day-to-day concerns--might encourage more active participation...


On 11/18/2013 01:17 PM, Mickael Istria wrote:
On 11/18/2013 07:06 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
But I don’t think we need to put anything in the IDE. We just need a web page and some buzz around it, like a HackerNews mention or Slashdot article, and of course a bunch of tweets and other social media. Anything in the IDE will lead to our first survey: “Do the survey notices bother you?” :).
Creating buzz around a survey is not something easy. See the Eclipse Community Survey: there is much buzz around it, and it gets about 1000 answers every year, mostly from Eclipse contributors. Compared to the 3000000 downloads of Eclipse 4.3.1, it's probably not very representative.
Also, if we want continuous answers to the continuous flow of new questions, we must think about having users returning often on this poll mechanism. That's why I thought of integrating it in IDE.
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