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Re: [ide-dev] what about doing less?

On 2013-10-22, at 1:24 AM, Martin Lippert <lippert@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey Kaloyan,
>> This is an interesting direction that worth brainstorming.
>> What would you take out of the Java EPP to make it again the killer Java
>> IDE?
> I think it is not as easy as "remove bundle X or do not install feature Y"... unfortunately...
> The questions that are coming up for me are (for example): what would be necessary to get the Eclipse IDE starting up and be ready to use in 2sec, for example? I know, it sounds a bit crazy and maybe seemingly impossible, but those are the questions that help me to think about this.

I think that that is not crazy at all. Or it is crazy, but in the Steve Jobs insanely great sense. (Jobs threw out human readable error messages so that he could get faster startup time on the original Mac.) Great products start with these kind of high level user experience in mind.

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