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Re: [ide-dev] IDE working group questions

Hi Eugene,

Am 18.10.2013 um 23:42 schrieb Eugene Ostroukhov <eostroukhov@xxxxxxxxxx>:
So let's imagine some company is really bothered by such issues and joins this working group (note the hefty price tag of $120k/year).

The price tags are just a proposal and haven't been validated currently. But I think you are referring to the highest one which includes steering committee membership.

1. Are there any guarantees somebody would actually implement these enhancements? What may prevent these funds from being spent on EMF enhancements if they get more votes?

I think it will be important to make that the working group operates open and transparent. Therefore, the whole funding and wishlist including voting will be visible. That allows to make a clear judgment on what impact specific funding will make.

2. What would be a timeframe before implementation starts? Would there be a committed delivery schedule?

I expect this to happen as part of the work item analysis and upon assignment of such items to the implementation partner.

3. How could such a general-purpose text editor avoid sharing the fate of Bug 155323?

It's an important role of the working group steering committee to find solutions to such problems. I could imagine that if no project is willing to accept a feature such as a general purpose image viewer or text file editor, the work is brought in as a new project and made available as part of the release train and in the downloadable packages.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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