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Re: [ide-dev] IDE working group purpose and scope

John, thanks for this feedback. I like the proposed change and I agree with the thinking behind it. Thus, I updated the proposal.


Am 17.10.2013 um 21:28 schrieb John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx>:

I realize it is just a rough draft but I have a comment on the stated purpose and scope in the working group proposal [1]. The project scope lists two main goals:

1) providing input on roadmap and directions for interested Eclipse projects
2) sustainable funding for developing of the Eclipse IDE

Goal 1) as worded is problematic. I interpret this as: Paying members of the IWG telling other committers what to do with their time. As someone mentioned in the earlier thread, this sounds like the old Requirements Council which was an essentially toothless body because nobody was required to accept their input. To me, the core goal should be 2), and any influence and direction the IWG has on Eclipse projects would flow from that.  Here is my attempt to reword the scope with that in mind:

The goal of the IDE Industry Working Group (short IDEWG) is to ensure future relevance of the Eclipse IDE by providing sustainable funding for developing of the Eclipse IDE, and directing use of that funding towards long term improvements to the IDE quality and functionality.

I think if the core focus of the IWG becomes an exercise in gathering, discussing, and prioritizing requirements it has the potential to waste a lot of people's time and not accomplish much. If the focus is on getting funding and putting that straight into development it has the potential to do a lot of good. Obviously it has to do some planning to decide what to do with the funding, and show accountability to the IWG members in how it spent the funds, but that is secondary to the objective of getting more bodies writing code. Phrasing it this way also feels like something people will be able to sell to their management chain: Here is a way to allocate some money that will go directly towards improving the Eclipse IDE. Rather than: Here is a group we can join where we will get together with 100 other companies and itemize priorities for the Eclipse IDE. It is a subtle distinction in wording but I believe an important one.


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