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Re: [ide-dev] sessions around these topics at EclipseCon Europe

Hey John,

Unfortunately it sounds like the follow-up BoF will overlap with the
Hackathon, so I will have to miss that, but I look forward to your talk!

Maybe we should move the BoF to the Wednesday slot? It would not be directly after the talk, but it would avoid the overlap with the Hackathon. What do you think?



From: Martin Lippert <lippert@xxxxxxx>
To: Discussions about the IDE <ide-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date: 09/26/2013 11:52 AM
Subject: [ide-dev] sessions around these topics at EclipseCon Europe
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I just wanted to let you quickly know that there are two sessions around
the Eclipse IDE topic (in addition to specific talks for Java8 support
in Eclipse, for example) at the upcoming EclipseCon Europe in Ludwigsburg:

- "Making the Eclipse IDE fun again" (Michael Scharf, Gunnar
Wagenknecht, Max Rydahl Anderssen, and me)

- Follow-up BoF session: "The Eclipse IDE - lets make it fun and
successful again" (after the talk Tuesday evening in the BoF session slot)

Hope to see many of you there!


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