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Re: [ide-dev] Resource Management thoughts

Some of this should be possible using virtual folders.


From:        Doug Schaefer <dschaefer@xxxxxxx>
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Date:        12.09.2013 22:34
Subject:        [ide-dev] Resource Management thoughts
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Hey gang,

As an early part of e4, we talked about flexible resources as a thing. In particular, coming from other IDEs, it's pretty frustrating that Eclipse doesn't have the concept of "Solution"s, to steal the Visual Studio term, or projects that have a mapping from physical file to virtual folder layout you'd see in the project navigator.

Now, this comes up since I just ran into it. One of our developers just added a new plug-in and when I did a git pull, I ended up with lots of errors because I forgot to import that plug-in. Luckily I had a head up to know it was coming and I've seen this happen so many times, I know where to go look.

In another activity, I'm also looking at how we'd import projects from other IDEs into Eclipse, something that the CDT community has desired for quite some time. And that's made harder because the projects in those IDEs look a lot different than Eclipse because of this virtual mapping.

Question: is this a need you've seen as well. Should we reopen the flexible resources so we can do this right, assuming the capabilities aren't there (which I have a feeling some of this was done but not publicized well).

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