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[ide-dev] Eclipse Languages Symposium

I was thinking we need to have a symposium somewhere, but then Dani Magert pointed us at this:

8 years ago, and I totally forgot about it and I was there! In fact I think I was the host :O. And so much of this is still valid today. I encourage you to take a look at the papers and see what you can pull out of it. I especially like Mike's. I guess 8 years later, given where we are, his fantasies haven't totally come true. But the only way we're going to beat skepticism is to actually make plans and make progress on them.

The other thing that was brought up on the JDT on DLTK bug,, was that this common language stuff might make for a new project. And maybe that's what we transform this community into, a common IDE project that serves as a hub. Not sure. Thoughts?


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